Kidmin Plants

This weekend, I had the great privilege of going to Relationship Church.  Tim Epling, pastor of Relationship Church, interned with Jimmy Carroll through the TCPN.  So, Journey had invested some people, time, and resources into planting Relationship Church.


Additionally, the children’s minister there, Katie, once served in Journey Kids.  So, it was great to see her and see what God was doing there.  When she asked if I would come and be with them for the morning, and then hold a little meeting after the services, I was humbled and excited! Fortunately, we have a great team in place at Journey that allowed me to go visit with them.


In just a few short months, this church plant has grown from about 10 kids to 40 coming rather consistently.  Also, they have a tremendous team of volunteers in their kidmin that arrive early, set-up, prepare, love and teach kids, then tear down again.


It took me back a bit to remember when Journey was a church plant.  I recalled when we had “27 kids!” and how that seemed like a big Sunday.  Since then, I’ve learned that “big” is entirely relative.  So, I try to toss it out of my vocabulary!


The number isn’t important unless you tie each number to people, and realize those are children whose lives are being shaped in your ministry.  Those kids have parents or guardians that are influencing their lives as well.


Whether a church plant, or a church body that’s been around for 70 years, the real question is what are you investing in people?  Does it carry eternal weight?  Does it make the name of Jesus famous in the lives of children, parents, and families?


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