Every day, we encounter situations where we try to weigh out the best option.  I think I am most aware of it at the grocery store.  If an item is offered in three sizes, I’m the guy that will stand there with the calculator and try to figure out if it’s worth it for me to buy bigger, while factoring in other variables like 1) will it be used before it expires, 2) can I get this cheaper elsewhere, etc.


We all like to find the best option.


Sometimes, we are presented with two scenarios and neither looks very good.  For example, if you are sick and can’t go to work your option is to stay home, rest, and get behind on your work, or go to work and be miserable.  It may be more drastic than that.


It could be a choice between which bill can’t get paid this month.  It could be a choice between letting a damaging relationship go or holding on to it and enduring the pain.  Both hurt.


When the Israelites were being led out of slavery, their first hiccup came fairly early.  It was a question of which way to go.  They knew about the land God had promised them.  They had heard about it for 430 years.


In Exodus 13:17 we read that the closest way to go was to travel through a territory controlled by Philistines.  This would mean a war for the Israelites who were already feeling the pain of the long journey ahead. In fact, God said “The people might change their minds when they see war and return to Egypt.”


So instead God led them to the other option.  The other option was to travel through the wilderness and come out at the shore of the Red Sea.  They would have to cross it. Without a bridge.


How does that seem like the better option?  I had to laugh a bit when I read it because think about it.  God looks at everything and says, “Hmm…they can go this way and fight or they can go this way and swim…”


But of course, His plan was bigger!  His plan meant He would do something they would never, ever forget.  He is a rescuer, and a redeemer, and a savior by nature.  So, He can do whatever He wants.


And when we are faced with an obstacle today, we probably can trust that God has spared something we couldn’t handle and given us something we can handle.  And we can only handle it by trusting He will show up in a BIG way.


So, when faced with an option of two choices, I highly recommend the one that puts you in a position to trust God more and allows you to see Him work in your life.

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