The Dailies

Your daily walk with God is not only to build your relationship with Christ, but also to build your relationships with other believers and other people.  It enables you to have a connection with another person in a way all together unique to Christians.  There is an element of matching another person, understanding another follower, spiritually, to establish and maintain that connection.

Iron sharpens iron.  So, it’s true also that when followers of Jesus gather together, in group life, or on the weekend, or to simply eat together, it should not only be about doing what other social groups do but by doing what Christians are called to do with each other: build each other up and edify one another.

So, when we shrug off our time in God’s word and in prayer to Him, we in effect shrug off the influence of other believers in our lives.  We say we are better without them.  We say we don’t need this great body of Christ that God has built up.  We hinder ourselves in not realizing the full potential of Christ in us.

And it must be daily.  In Exodus, God teaches the Israelites in the wilderness about that very thing.  He makes specific rules regarding the manna (bread) He would send each morning.  Gather enough for that day only.  You can’t save it for the next day.  It will get worms.  You can’t take more than you need on any given day.  So, it’s true with reading our daily bread (God’s Word).  Each day, every day, has enough trouble.  So, stay close to God’s Word each day, every day.

Let’s cling to the word, hide it fast in our hearts, and be eager to speak it to one another.

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