Easter: He’s alive?!

Yesterday, we celebrated the resurrection of Jesus. I love this because it’s guaranteed that we are going to explain Jesus’ sacrifice and what it meant for us in our Journey Kids environments.  We often talk about it throughout the year here and there.  Jesus and His Word is always at the center of what we do.  But we really got to spend some time on it yesterday.

Whitney and I were talking about the morning and one story she shared really stuck with me.  Whitney leads the worship time in our second service with our MiNi CiTy (preschool) age kids.  It’s always a blast, and a party to see kids worshiping God and learning about His love for them.  Whitney would ask, “What is Easter about?” One girl, about 4 years old, would say “Jesus died.” Whitney would ask the question again a little later and the same response would come from her. “Jesus died” she would say, sadly.  After this happened a few times, Whitney was able to get down beside her, eye to eye, heart to heart, and asked her,

“Hey.  Do you know what today is?”


“Do you know what Easter is about?”

“Jesus died.”

“Well, that’s true.  And that’s sad.  But did you know that He’s alive?  He came back. He’s risen!”

A smile came across her face and she said, “He’s alive?  He’s alive!”

Somewhere along the way, that girl picked up that Jesus had died for us.  But we celebrate that He is risen!


Some other highlights for me from the morning:

  • Our team members who were flexible and willing.  I love people who are willing to change rooms, and jump into places they might not normally be.  They get what it’s really all about!
  • Kids engaging with the story of the empty tomb.  It’s a wonderful thing to see on the faces of children.
  • Leaders cheering when we find out that the tomb was empty!
  • Breaking down what sin is and how Jesus paid the price for us.
  • Celebrating in worship!  Yesterday in UPTOWN we sang, “God is Alive”, “Take Heart – John 16:33″ and “Happy Day”.  TheBLOCK and MiNI CiTy sang “Hosanna Rock”, “Good Good Friend” and “We Can Praise Jesus”
  • Answering questions about what Jesus did.
  • A girl holding up her Bible, and pointing to pictures of what I was teaching about.
  • Seeing a room full of second and third graders being prayed for by their leader.

There are many, many more stories from the morning that I could share.  So many people did so much to make yesterday special.


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