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I never had any formal training in children’s ministry.  (I don’t think it exists, really.  That’s another conversation.)  My study was actually in student ministry.  I had worked at children’s camps, been involved with children’s ministry, but never considered it to be something I desired to do.  But one day, I was sitting in a church in Pittsburgh, and it clicked.  It more than clicked. It was a loud boom.  “If you care about students, you have to care about children.  If you care about children, you have to care about students.  You have to care about families.  You have to care about people. It’s what you were made to do.”  God directed some steps and here I am.

It was five years ago when I first went to the Orange Conference.  I was hooked from that point forward.  Orange is nothing new.  Thinking about how to engage families, how to equip parents and release them to disciple their kids is a biblical concept.  Yet, it’s spoken so clearly and with such intention and strategy in the Orange world that you can’t help but recognize “this is BIG”.

In 2007, there was no Think Orange book so the conference book was all we had to go home and continue to think about the heart of the home combining with the light of the world, the church.

All of it was new to me at the time.  A group of people, passionate about the church partnering with parents, empowering the family, and igniting the passion already built into the family to disciple kids and love them they way Jesus intended.  Wow.

As a church we have come a long way.  As churches we have come a long way.  But this is something bigger than any one church, or any one program, or any one strategy.  This is about a generation knowing Christ and pursuing Him, making Him famous in this world.

And I am so thankful for this wild ride God called me to be a part of.

Orange 2007 Notes and Conference Book


Orange is more than a curriculum...2012


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