about me

My name is Aaron Bauer and I have been the children’s pastor at Journey Church in Raleigh, North Carolina for the past eight years.  This is my blog and will cover things in my personal life and faith, in my work, in leadership, some creative thoughts, and other ramblings.

When I write, it’s usually overly thought – so I’ll struggle a bit to keep it to the point and concise while still being informative, interesting, and hopefully helpful to parents, families, and other leaders.

Feel free to comment, or email me directly.  Comments that are “anonymous” may be taken down if they are less than helpful or instigate debate.  I’m for open and honest discussion.  There’s no need to be “anonymous”.


In 2001, I was graduating high school.  I went to breakfast one day with my mom (who is in ministry at our church as well) and another  lady.  By my second cup of coffee I had a job at a children’s camp in Virginia where I worked for two summers.  From that amazing experience and from a maze of other workings in my life, I realized my calling to a life in ministry.

After graduating from Liberty University in 2005, I moved to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where I worked as an actor/educator for a theatre company.  During that time, Journey Church was getting started in Raleigh, North Carolina.  Just a few families and a pastor with a vision to reach a city.  It was time to go back to Raleigh, and be a part of that vision and mission.

From 2006-2008, I worked office jobs and taught english at a high school while doing children’s ministry full time as well.  In 2008, I was able to devote my full attention to Journey’s kids and families.  It was then I also began dating my wife, Whitney.  We were married in June of 2010 and are best friends.  There is no one I’d rather spend my time with.

I am continuing to grow as a pastor, leader, husband, and person as I seek to walk in the calling that God is giving me.  I’ve been fortunate to join a wider network of children’s pastors through CMConnect, Infuse, and TCPN.  I love speaking with children’s pastors who are on the same life-long journey of “figuring it out” but walking in faith.