I have always liked the book of EXODUS. 

I can remember learning about Moses in my little sunday school room nearly 20 years ago.  I went home and decided to read the entire book of Exodus (in the revered KJV…sigh…at least it was an Adventure Bible – thanks Zondervan!) which was no easy task for a third grader.  I loved it though.  I loved the idea of a powerful God delivering His people and showing Himself to be the true God.

I loved that the Hebrews, despite seeing all these things, still complained, because I complained a lot (and still do).

I loved that Moses was a leader who had flaws.  I love the drama  of the book of Exodus.  I love that promises were fulfilled over and over again.  Here is God in glory, and splendor- BOOM!  He showed up!  (Not that he didn't other times – before you go crazy on me!  :)

Yesterday, I decided to go back to Exodus again perhaps to reconnect with some of the ideas to remind myself why, as a kid, I loved it so much.  And, it was for all the reasons I just stated.

But now, I can connect with it on different levels.  One of my favorite passages is when Moses is told that despite how inadequate he feels, despite the excuses he makes, that God is going to use him. God has made his mouth, and God will put words into it.  Moses the murderer, the one who fled for his life, would return to lead an entire nation out of captivity.  An entire nation -by the way- means parents, kids, animals, and all the generations that would follow – fulfillment of a promise that was made over 500 years prior.

Then, there's Pharaoh, who despite seeing the wonders of God, turns a blind eye each and every time until it forces him to face his humanity, his mortality, and the loss of his son.  The encounters Moses and Pharaoh had got pretty heated – to the point that their last recorded conversation is basically:

Pharaoh: If I see you again, I'll kill you.

Moses:  Don't worry.  You WON'T see me again!

Then God tells Moses to tell his kids, and his grand kids, how He made a mockery of an entire people while rescuing them.


So the question:

What wonders do you see from God each and every day that have had such an impact that they will be worth telling to your children and your children's chldren?  Are you taking note of the power of God on a daily basis – are you able to see it?  Does it impact you?  What stories of God working in your life do you have to pass on to your children today? Do they know the impact He is having on your life?


FUSION was awesome on Friday night.

We had lots of families from both campuses show up to enjoy a great night of worshiping together.

As one of our team leaders noted, "I love seeing all of these adults jump up and down and do these crazy motions!"   I have to agree!

The whole point of FUSION was to bring families together and give them a launching pad to take initiative at home with their child's spiritual walk. 

We put together an informative guide that has lots of resources for parents to use at home.  Hopefully, some use will come of that. We called it FUSION: ELEMENTS and if you missed a copy, we have more so pick one up this weekend.  I'll try to have a download for it soon.

Also, I know a few people took pictures!  If you have some, how about swinging them our way!

I would also like to say thanks to all of our leaders who put in the time and effort to make FUSION special!  Not only FUSION, but they also give of themselves each and every week to teach children what it means to follow Jesus, to love God, and to love others.

I am excited about APRIL – which is just around the corner…CRAZY!


Most, not all, of my time this week will be preparing for FUSION.

I am very excited to see what the turnout will be. On Saturday, we met up together to go over the specs.

We'll be previewing the month of April in which we will be discussing CONVICTION in our KidzGIG environments.

If you have never been to FUSION before, (well, this is only our second… :)  the plan on being there!  Even if you don't have kids, be there!  It is quite possibly one of the most energetic services we ever have at Journey.  You won't be sitting down, much, let's say that…

Today, I'll be finalizing the gritty details of what's taking place in each environment, and just exactly what we'll be giving away…  :)

See you all on Friday!

TokBox – A great tool

Hey everyone –

Just wanted to spread the word about TokBox – a great way to communicate with our volunteers that I am considering.  It's a free video email/chat that we could use to meet without meeting!

If you haven't joined CMCONNECT yet, please do so! 

For parents, there is also PARENT UNITY

Also, I've added a page to the right – Video Chat with Me Via Tok Box as I would love to say hey whenever you stop by if I am around!

How very cool…oh the woes of technology are becoming less and less…



FUSION is just around the corner.  For those that don't know, FUSION is a family experience where kids and parents worship together.  It is an exciting event and this will be our second one in Journey's history. 

FUSION is born out of the idea that parents play an integral role in the development of a child's spiritual formation.  Parents by far are the biggest influence on a kid's life.  Here's how I like to look at it, just to put it into perspective for you.

Let's assume the average family that attends Journey comes to Journey for 75% of the weekend services offered in a year.  Each weekend service lasts about one hour and ten minutes.  But, maybe they show up late sometimes – right?  Who doesn't?  So, let's say, one hour a week for 75% of the year.

That's 40 hours.  That's it.  Just 40 hours!  Would you base your spiritual walk on just 40 hours a year?  That's like, one work week!  You wouldn't try to live off of one week's salary for an entire year, would you?  But how often do we assume we can do that with our spiritual life?!  We can't! 

What about our kids?  Would we send them to school for one week out of the year and then pass them on to the next grade?  Nope! 

So, the idea is that two influences are better than one.  Two influences, the church, and the parents, are better than just one.  What if we can equip parents, and kids to grow together spiritually?  What if we can create an environment that fosters that life together?  What if we FUSE those two worlds together?

There you have it.


March 20th at the Warehouse.  See you there!


This is a great site that allows CM leaders to connect from all over the world.  Think of it as a Facebook for children's leaders.  Very cool site which allows us all to bounce ideas around, get answers to questions, get ideas, and at the same time share what our ministry is doing to help others as well.

Everyone who is involved in our Journey Kidz Community should consider joining up!  It's filled with resources, ideas, and good discussion.

So, check it out!


One of the great things about Journey is our volunteers!

In our Journey Kidz Community alone, we have over 150 volunteers that help make JourneyKidz a special place for families, kids, and their friends to feel safe, connected, and loved! 

Robyn Lester is our Division Coach for TheBLOCK at Journey NEast Campus.  She began working in the infants room and has an awesome passion for helping our leaders grow and reach kids for Jesus. About two months ago, I sat down with Robyn and asked her to take a leap with us – and she did!  She didn't just leap – she got in plane soared to 5000ft, and skydived into an entirely new adventure!

An important thing for TheBLOCK is that they are introducing a child to God's love.  Even more than that, that child is going to grow up and be an adult!  Connecting the dots?  What if you were the one who got to tell a person for the first time in his/her life that there is a Creator who loves him/her very much?!  What an awesome calling!

Some people get nervous about sharing Christ with others – but sharing Him with kids?!  It's easy!  When Jesus says we should come to Him as children, doesn't that put us all in children's ministry?  Doesn't that start with infants?

Robyn has the heartbeat for TheBLOCK and for the mission of Journey – and most importantly for sharing God's love to others.

So, be sure to meet, Robyn Lester!


Ever heard of VeggieTales?  Well, JellyTelly is the new product by the guy who brought us VeggieTales – you won't find any talking vegetables there though (due to a lot of legal issues we can't get into) but this site is AWESOME!

If kids ever wanted a website for them, this is it!  BUT it's for parents too!  What a great tool!

So, check it out!